What Sets Us Apart

At Bocklet Orthodontics we are committed to excellence in serving our patients and our community. Below is a list of qualities that we believe are unique to our practice and embody our mission statement: “Your smile is our focus”.

  • Patient Centered Care– The first two words in our mission statement are “Your smile”, and that is intentional. At Bocklet Orthodontics we believe excellent care begins with getting to know you and your treatment goals. Dr. Bocklet understands that patients have different reasons for pursuing orthodontic treatment and he will work with you one-on-one to develop a custom treatment plan. 
  • Committed to Excellence – The last two words in our mission statement are “our focus”. At each treatment visit, patients will be seen by our Doctor. We are focused on applying evidence based orthodontic techniques to deliver the best possible result. Dr. Bocklet will be there to listen to you, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that your treatment is exceptional. 
  • One Doctor, One Location – At Bocklet Orthodontics we believe in consistency and continuity of care for our patients. Our “One doctor, One location” setup allows us optimal conditions to ensure each patient receives consistently excellent service and exceptional treatment outcomes. 
  • We Value Your Time – We know that life is busy and your time is extremely valuable. For this reason, we strive to have virtually no wait times. In the rare event that patients must wait due to our commitment to individualized care, we have designed our waiting room to be a relaxing place to escape from life’s business. Enjoy refreshments and entertainment on us and as always, our staff is here for you!
  • Continuous Improvement –We are committed to excellent service and because of our commitment, we want to hear from you! Our office is committed to sustainability and continuous improvement for our patients. Please know that we value our patients above all else and that we are always working to make our practice better. 
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